Katherine Korwal, M.S., CHT.

“Who am I?”
“Why am I here?”
“What do I want?”
“What is my purpose?”
“Where am I meant to be?”
“How can I serve the greatest good?”
“When will I know the answers to all of these questions?”

The answers you seek lie within yourself.

The questions you ask yourself are born from the answers.

The answers reveal themselves Within the Journey that is your unique life.

Within the Journey embraces the joy that can be found on the path towards the destination. Why wait until you arrive at the destination to feel authentic joy and inner peace? Spoiler alert. The anticipated destinations will constantly be changing! Our desires change as we discover our own personal truths through the experiences of each of our unique lives, and that’s the beauty of it all. Each one of us has a past and a blueprint for the future, but it’s our choices of perception in the present that allows us to fully experience this “human life” in any way we so choose to. Ah, hello there, free will!

Every person, every experience, every relationship, every hardship, every laugh, every serendipitous moment, every “coincidence” …it’s all meant to be Within the Journey to discovering your own personal truths. And those truths, too, will constantly change through the experiences of your life. The “Good JuJu” will come your way, regardless of the truths you choose to live your life by yesterday, today, or tomorrow! There’s endless “Good JuJu” in the universe to go around, but only trust and surrender to revealing your own personal connection to the divine will bring it in a steady flow of abundance. Universe is on your side!

“Who am I?”

I am a spiritual being. I am human. I am spiritual being living out a human experience. That feels aligned! I am Katherine.  I am a part of the collective consciousness that is an extension of source with the ability to create my own reality. Best. Super. Power. Ever! But if you’re asking who I am by “human life” standards….

I am forever a student of life.

I am a teacher.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist.
I am a dancer.
I am a certified Intuitive Councilor and Mentor.
I am a fish-tank enthusiast!
I am a Shamanic Healing Practitioner.
I am a creator.
I am a certified Master An Ra Healer.
I am a writer.
I am a certified Reiki Healer.
I am a Tarot Reader.
I am a singer.
I am a light worker.
I am a curious Kat.
I am perfectly imperfect.

“Why am I here?”

As Marie Kondo would say, to “Spark Joy”!

“What do I want?”

I envision a humanity in which people feel at peace within themselves by truly standing in the truth of who they are and owning it. I see a world filled with people living out their lives experiencing the pure authentic joy we are all deserving of. I want to be Within the Journey of raising the vibration of the collective-consciousness of this planet, and for people to realize that we are not separate. We are all connected.

“What is my purpose?”

I am dedicated to supporting self and others Within the Journey of their personal lives to:
• Trust in the divine co-creation between humanity and spirit (and by spirit, I mean the universe!)
• Align most authentically with their spiritual path with grace and ease
• Discover and live out their life’s purpose
• Embrace the joy Within the Journey towards the ever-changing destinations in life
• Recognize personal truths
• Become intimate with our own “inner guru”
• Serve the highest and greatest good of all
• Attract “Good JuJu” in a steady flow of abundance

And most importantly: listen and trust the whispers of our soul, over the shouts of our egos to live a more joyous life! 

“Where am I meant to be?”

Where ever I am right now is exactly where I’m meant to be.

“How can I serve the greatest good?”

I’ve discovered that I serve the greatest good, for self and for all those around me, by leading with my authentic self. No roles. No hats to be worn. No masks. No walls put up. Interestingly enough, this is my greatest personal challenge. A proud work-in-progress over here! We serve humanity and self by standing in our heart lights, trusting in source, leading with personal truths and a willingness to be vulnerable. The greatest and highest good for all is served when I am open to divine intervention….let universe play it’s part! Flexibility is key!

“When will I know the answers to all of these questions?”

Honestly? Probably never; at least not all at the same time because it’s likely the answers to the questions will always be changing. Our human brains won’t like that answer…and that’s okay! That’s why we’re all here. Otherwise, think about how boring our lives would be!