HypnoSynergistic Therapy

HypnoSynergistic Therapy evolved from the ancient arts of Reiki, RoHun, Shamanism and a wealth of revered methods of healing. It is combined with the An-Ra Healing Energy and Paradigm, becoming an incredible force for healing and transformation.

HypnoSynergistic Therapy is a beautiful marriage between ancient alternate forms of healing with traditional healing arts (hypnotherapy), producing offspring of highly integrated beings who are able to access their highest self through humanity, It is a journey of exploration and self-awareness, cause and effect, recognition and rebirth, transformation and transition through the shedding of old skin, to step into the full potential of who we truly are through healing of our inner child. 

HypnoSynergistic Therapy focuses on healing of the whole self, balancing the essence of being. It is a multidimensional search of self through loving guidance, for the answers you seek already lie within you. It leads to greater clarity of the soul’s purpose by releasing and transforming energetic blocks, which hold us back from stepping into our most true selves. This positive momentum, hatched through the cycle of metamorphosis, allows us to live out our lives feeling more balanced through the connection with our most authentic selves.