Additional Services


Intuitive Counseling/ Life Coaching

Intuition is not a power we must work to acquire over the years, but an inherent capability within every human being, also known as the sixth sense. Intuitive guidance is an abundant source that is present and available to each of us every moment, of everyday. It is a process of direct “knowing”, without relying on the five senses, memories, experiences, feelings or logical thought patterns. Intuition is not logical, yet it reliably guides us through impulse to connect more deeply with our soul’s purpose. Intuitive counseling teaches us how to tap more fully in our Natural Navigator by learning to recognize and trust the inner voice of our Loving Observer. It allows us to connect to our own unlimited potential as human spiritual beings

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

-Albert Einstein

Master An-Ra: Healing from the Heart

An-Ra healing, comparable to Reiki, taps into the abundance of universal energy to promote mental and physical harmony through balancing of the chakras. Through the clearing of energetic blocks, the natural flow of divine energy is enhanced to restore spiritual balance. Through balancing of the chakras, our human immune system is strengthened, we restore our inner radiance and regain full access to our energy. An-Ra healing is a gentle and soothing energetic massage for the soul.

Shamanic/Brazilian Healing

Through Shamanic/Brazilian Healing, physical and spiritual balance through the chakras is restored by tapping into the divine power of spirit animals. The feeling of chaos and “fogginess” of clarity in life can be attributed to an imbalance on spiritual and energetic levels. All animals and creatures hold within them a divine source of healing energy, here and ready to assist us on our journeys. Unlike An-Ra, Shamanic/Brazilian Healing techniques are quite intense and involve a hands-on approach. Shamanic/Brazilian Healing often evokes past-life patterns and memories, bringing them to the light of awareness.


 Intuitive Oracle/Tarot Card Reading

The terms “oracle” and “tarot” cards are often used interchangeably. Tarot decks follow a more fixed system of divination; Oracle cards follow a more fluid system of divination. The tarot deck dates back to the 15th century and includes exactly 78 cards, whereas an oracle deck does not necessarily follow these parameters, as it is more flexible by nature. Intuitive oracle/tarot cards provide greater insight into the questions we intend to answer for ourselves. An intuitive oracle/tarot card reading will provide greater clarity as to which direction to look towards, just like a compass. Ultimately, we have been blessed with free will and it is our choice how we choose to synthesize the information that steps forward during a reading.  We create our own reality. I conduct my readings with a “hands on” approach in which the seeker will be handling the cards (if you feel comfortable), and I will navigate you every step of the way and provide greater insight into the messages being communicated by the cards.

Note: Oracle/Tarot cards respond to the energy that is most actively present in the current moment of your life. Just as life is always changing, we are always changing. We control our realities. 


Please know, that although you may schedule a session for one particular service, it is not uncommon for elements of all of these services to step forward. I believe in the power behind following the ebb and flow of spiritual guides and intuitive guidance when connecting with your energy field. However, please note that your permission to flow between one service and another will always be requested first, prior to shifting. Sometimes, we make plans and God laughs!