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Intuition vs. Perfectionism

Have you ever felt guided by impulse to do something that didn’t make any logical sense? In this episode, we explore the root of perfectionism, the “need to know”, and how it impacts our decision to follow through on divine intuition. Intro song: “Spiritual Machine” by NINE + NINE. 

The Inner Child vs. Old Wounds

Do you know what your triggers are and how they express themselves? Where do those triggers come from? In this episode, we explore how our inner child communicates to use through our triggers, and what that means to our shift in perception of life circumstances. Intro song: “Spiritual Machine” by NINE + NINE. 

Full Moon vs. The Shadow Self

Have you ever noticed how our external circumstances are always in alignment with the new and full moon cycles? In this episode, we draw attention to how the water within us is pulled and tugged by the influence of the moon cycles, and what that means to exposure of our shadow selves. Intro music: “Spiritual Machine” by NINE+NINE 

Clearing the Past vs. Allowing the Future

What does it really take to be able to clear the past? Old crops must die so new ones can grow. But how do you know when you’re ready to be able to release all of the feelings, thoughts and false beliefs related to past experiences? This is a deep evolutionary process, and it requires patience with self. 

Positive Emotions vs. Negative Emotions

When did emotions become labeled as “good” or “bad”? How has your life been affected by unconsciously choosing to see emotions through one lens or the other? Intro Music: “Spiritual Machine” by NINE+NINE. 

COVID-19 vs. Spiritual Awakening-Part 1

Meet Covi (COVID-19) and Spira (Spiritual Awakeneing). They live in the same world, experience the same things and are both motivated by love. But yet, are living in completely different realities. Why and how do they co-exist with each other? Intro music: “Spiritual Machine” by NINE+NINE.