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What would happen if you released all attachment to any previous identities that you’ve set for yourself? How would your reality change? The idea of “controversy” has been stigmatized as being negative and something to be avoided. In reality, internal controversy brings us into greater alignment with our most authentic selves, if we let it.

What is the subtle difference between a forward momentum of energy motivated by inner persistence vs. the ego’s attempt to avoid? In this episode, we explore the value in feeling uncomfortable, when it feels aligned.

What price would you pay to be in the present moment today? Our society tends to communicate the false message that living for the future is more valuable than being in the present moment. Our souls know that the present moment holds the only truth. 

Meet Covi (COVID-19) and Spira (Spiritual Awakening). They live in the same world, experience the same things and are both motivated by love. But yet, are living in completely different realities. Why and how do they co-exist with each other? Intro music: “Spiritual Machine” by NINE+NINE.